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Top 10 Brokerage Firms.

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-10-21
A brokerage firm is company that deals with buyers and sellers to help in the closure of their transactions. In many cases, these transactions involve the trading of financial securities such as stock and bonds. The brokerage firms make money by earning commissions after successful completion of the transactions. They can also offer loans to their clients and offer legal counsel to their customers. Brokerage firms have recently diversified into real estate and discount securities where they earn a small percentage of the client's income by trading on computerized systems instead of the old-fashioned stock trader, also known as a broker. A broker comes in handy when an investment idea comes to mind. They are the right person to ask about the right volumes of shares to invest, they find out the risk involved in buying a particular share or the benefits. Here is a guide on finding the best broker to cater for your needs; players in the market group them according to the number of awards won and acclamation.

10 Citigroup

Item 10

This company has a parent company - Citi, with 200 years' experience in banking and brokerage. It has its headquarters In Manhattan, New York. It was formed during the merger of Citicorp bank and the Travelers Group in the year 1998. It is an international country with over 15000 offices world over. They specialize in financial solutions by trading in various market exchanges, mortgage securities and credit facilities for their clientele.

9 JP Morgan Chase and company

Item 9

Apart from being, the bank with the largest asset base in the United States, JP Morgan and Chase has invested widely in the area of stocks securities and exchange. It also has an investment banking section that gives advice on the share market. They are by far the richest brokerage firm in the US. They are found in more than 100 countries worldwide and therefore have a wide reach in various sorts of stocks and investments.


Item 8

This is a Swiss company based in Zurich and Basel, Switzerland. It is famous for offering an array of banking services and most notably asset and portfolio management for its customers. Compared to its predecessors, it is relatively small, operating in less than 50 countries but has the second largest private wealth asset portfolio in the world. It offers advice on investment, equities, real estate and acts as a transfer partner to private clients. They also trade on the floors of the major securities, from Wall Street to Hong Kong and are in a position to place you in the best place investment wise.

7 Goldman Sachs

Item 7

Also known as the Goldman group; this company is a multinational investment company with its roots in the United States. It was founded in 1869 with its headquarters in New York City. They are masters of investment, takeovers, mergers and mortgages. It provides advice on investment and financial planning across the board. Here the company earns commissions and incentives from its customers. They have proven reliable through the ears and they have an eye for any legislation that might affect the financial sector.

6 E trade

Item 6

As the name suggests, this is a company deals with online brokerage. It has an online system or platform where investors can buy and sell their shares via the internet. Their main advantage is the convenience offered by their platform; since their customers can trade over their phones and can be able to monitor their stock prices. It also offers lending services as well as banking services such as accounts and custody services.

5 Vanguard Group

Item 5

This is a Pennsylvania based investment company and it manages more than 1 trillion in assets. It offers many services such as financial management, retail services as well as the sale of mutual funds. They have a simple way of doing business such that the investors buy into the funds, profit from them and get to own part of the company.

4 Fidelity Investments

Item 4

This is the largest investment company when it comes to mutual funds. It was founded in 1946 to offer financial services to Americans; a task it has done nobly. It is the only firm known for its venture capital arm; however, it also deals with brokerage of mutual funds, discount securities, wealth management and retirement benefits. Having more than 60 years of experience, they offer spot on advice on stocks and securities.

3 Credit Suisse

Item 3

This Swiss company was the brainchild of Alfred Escher in 1856 to fund his own rail company, after which the bank started funding other institution and soon it became a force to reckon with in the Swiss banking industry. It consists of the Investment banking unit, which offers investment advice on stocks, real estate and legal advice on the same, the asset management office, and a banking unit.

2 Robert W. Baird

Item 2

This company is among the few employee owned companies in the United States. It was formed in 1919 to provide services such as advice on capital market trading, wealth creation and management to companies, individuals and other firms. With a growing employee base Robert Baird, has since become multinational reaching everywhere for the most profitable markets for their clients. It has ventured in to the equity markets with ease owing to the strong nature of their research unit, which has enabled them to close more transactions in five different markets in the last six years. If you are interested in long-term and international investments, they could offer the necessary help.

1 Merrill lynch

Item 1

It is the wealth management arm of Bank of America, it mandated to manage wealth and do brokerage details on behalf of the bank having being in 2008. It now boasts of the largest brokerage firm in the world with its headquarters in New York City, with close to 15000 financial advisors, the bank is poised to take over wealth management and exchange securities. Merrill Lynch as an entity started in 1914 as a source of investment advice and wealth management. It rose to prominence in the years before the 2008 financial crisis when it the company was face by allegations of misconduct by some of its executive. However being bought by the largest bank in the United States of America has given them a new chance to do what they do best

Investment is not only useful but also improves chances of wealth building. It is one thing to be rich and another to be wealthy, in one; you can lose it in a day, and the other you spend for a lifetime. You need expert advice if you are going to choose to create wealth in the exchange market due to the changing factors of the markets; you need a broker to help you make the best decision based on research, experience and market knowledge. Take your pick and make some money.

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