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Top 10 Richest Countries in the World 2011

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-05-18
The world economy is not at its peak but there are countries whose economic performance is quite commendable. This list ranks the best performing countries based on GNI (Gross National Income) and GDP (Gross Domestic Product) rates at the end of 2011.

1 United States of America

Rate: 32.7%

As expected, the US is the richest country in the world with a GNI figure of $9.780 trillion and a GDP of $13.2 trillion.

2 Japan


Japan has a Gross National Income of $4.52 trillion and a GDP of $4.34 trillion. Its economy is dependent on electronic and electrical devices and machine exports.

3 Germany

Rate: 6.5%

Germany’s GDP as at 2011 was $2.345 trillion and the GNI was $1.48 trillion. This placed the country as the third richest in the world in 2011.

4 United Kingdom

The UK had a Gross National Income of $1.48 trillion and a Gross Domestic Product of $2.345 trillion.

5 France

Rate: 4.6%

France’s economy as at the end of 2011 was rated the world’s fifth with a GDP of $2.23 trillion and a GNI of $1.38 trillion.

6 China

Rate: 3.8%

China is the richest country in Asia with a GNI of $1.13 trillion and a GDP of $2.668 trillion for the year 2011.

7 Italy

Rate: 3.7%

Italy’s economic performance was rated as the 7th in the world in 2011 with a gross national income of $1.84 trillion and a GDP of $1.120 trillion.

8 Canada

Rate: 2.3%

With a GDP of $1.251 trillion and a GNI of $628 million, Canada was the world’s eighth richest country in 2011.

9 Spain

Rate: 2.0%

The total gross national income of Spain in 2011 was $558 million and the GDP stood at $1.223 trillion.

10 Mexico

Rate: 1.8%

Lastly, on the 10th spot is Mexico with a GDP of $839 million and a GNI of $550 million.

The wealth of the country cannot be determined by GDP per capita. This ranking based on GDP and GNI ratio reflects a more accurate ranking of world’s dominant economies for the year 2011.

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