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Top 10 Most Attractive Casino Games

Written by Top 100 Arena on 2012-09-23
If you want to go to a casino, you should probably know some of the games to play so that your experience there is worthwhile.Below are some of the best casino games today that can even be played online.

10 Slot Machines

Item 10

When you get into a big casino, one of the items you’re bound to run into are slot machines. Slots are very popular gambling games. Gambling is one of the key entertainment factors found in casinos. With slot machines, all you need it luck. Many people have won lots of money through taking a chance and playing with slot machines. Not only are these machines popular but you can use different kinds of slot depending on how lucky you feel. Some of the common slot machines are the 3 reel slot, the traditional slot machines with one reel, five reel slot machines and the progressive Jackpot slot machines. You will be surprised that playing with one of these machines and using a one coin and a spin can win you millions of dollars. Slots are the best games to use to test your luck.

9 Roulette

Item 9

A modern and fun casino game that people are even playing online now is the Roulette. This is a very engaging game that is a favorite in most casinos. When you play the Roulette, you will be entertained and surprised by all the twists in the game. Playing the Roulette is a chance to set yourself up to win a lot of money. During the betting of the game, players are given chips and by simply predicting the outcome that the roulette wheel will have after it spins and the ball settles, you can win. It is difficult to predict but everyone has a chance to win.

8 Table Black Jack

Item 8

One of the most popular and oldest casino games is the Table Black Jack. It is an interesting game that has to employ the use of good planning, strategizing and taking risks. The aim of this game is to make sure that your point beat that of the games dealer but not above 21. Table black jack is a game that is easy to learn and work your way around if you make yourself acquainted with all its rules, elements and strategies. With information about the games rules and a positive attitude, don’t be surprised to win on your first rounds.

7 Three Card Poker

Item 7

A famous casino game that people tend to enjoy playing is the Three Card Poker. In this game the winning player has to beat the dealer by using a 3-hand card. Unlike the older 5 card make-up hand win, the combination of the 3-card hand wins the game in these poker rounds. Before playing this game, all players need to know the lingo used in it such as what it means to have a flush, straight card, ace less or high or what it is to have a straight flush. The combination of a players’ card gives the winners their rankings. Bets are usually made in this poker game.

6 Craps

Item 6

Craps is one of the fastest and clearest casino games that you will come across. This game gives all its players a great adrenaline rush since players need to be fast and witty as they play. It is common to find the people playing this game at casinos shouting or throwing dice in the air because they are frustrated. As much as Craps is a very popular but can get a tad bit confusing since it usually has a number of players around a table all making bets and playing as well. It is always advisable to stick to simple bets at first and play more advanced ones as you get deeper into the game. If you play your cards well however, you are bound to win many of your bets.

5 Casino Hold’Em

Item 5

The Casino Hold’Em is another popular game that is like the Texas Hold’Em card game. To play the game, you need the vital factors like a deck of cards, playing chips, a dealer’s button and players. You can even have 20 players when playing this game. If you know the rules and the basics about the game you will have a good chance of winning.

4 Caribbean Stud Poker

Item 4

If you have been to a casino before you are probably familiar with the Caribbean Stud Poker Game. The game always draws lots of players because of its popularity and its high chances of winning the jackpot. It has a table that resembles the black jack table with players who place wagers. Each is dealt with five cards in the beginning. The object in this game is to make sure your hand ends up being higher than of the dealers so that you become a winner. The game also has terms that need to be understood first such as a full house, a flush, a royal flush, 4 of a kind card combination or a two pair. Always examine the hand you have carefully before making a decision.

3 Video Poker

Item 3

In this game, only the best odds for a player will keep them having an upper hand. It is a traditional casino game that is popular because it is full of excitement and adrenaline. The game has a video in it which allows the players to have breaks or variations to do their betting and get their winning combination. The idea behind it is similar to that of a 5 card slot machine. The wagers are set from either 1 to 5 coins. It is a game which most people find enjoyable and easy to win.

2 Red Dog

Item 2

The Red Dog is set in order to make sure people bet from a set of cards that have been spread out. In this game, there can be different spreads from a one card spread to a 4 card spread or more. Two cards are dealt in the game at first and the game will be bet upon according to value of the card that lay between the original two first and the second card. The game uses a deck of cards with 52 cards which means the jokers are excluded. In Red Dog, the ace has the highest value and a 2 is the lowest.

1 Bonus Pai-Gow Poker

Item 1

This game is very creative and mixes the general house games with poker. For the player, it has a lower house edge but it has the same concept as poker with special rankings where people who have never played the game can. To play the game, a 53 card deck with one joker is required. If you have ever heard of a wild card then you should know this is the joker. In order to win the game, you have to get the best 5 card hand and make sure that you beat the dealer and his/her two cards.

Much as casinos are said to be avenues of losing money, as gambling is an addictive thing, they are also places of having a lot of fun. The knowledge of casino games is usually to the advantage of the individual who chooses to indulge as unlike the myth he or she could land on a jackpot. Most of these casino games are available for mobile phones or even online, so one can enjoy them from anywhere.

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