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The Oddballs Clan
The Oddballs clan is a multi-game clan on the PC, we have active members who enjoy gaming for what it is. We have a core group of members who play man...
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Rangers BF3 Clan
The Rangers bring a new aspect of clan gaming to the battlefield series. It is more about fun, teamwork, and dedication – winning is just a consistent...
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[SC] The Soldiers Creed
We are a multi-genre PC gaming clan that is recruiting mature players. We are challenging other clans in BF3. We play BF, COD4, Tribes: Ascend, Eve ...
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Tactical Alliance
Perfection, a goal that is unreachable by many and attainable by few. We are that few. Strategy, Tactics, and Teamwork set us apart from everyone el...
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Rangers Battlefront Clan [PC]
The mission of the Rangers Battlefront clan is to bring fun, strategy, and community to BF. Having teammates that you can count on, using skills learn...
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Battlefield Series Top 6-19

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Diverse Gaming
Diverse Gaming is an online community for PC gamer\'s to get together and hangout, discuss gaming and play games together. Although primarily we are a...
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New World Order - Battlefield 4 Clan
We are a multi-gaming clan community created on April 10th, 2006. We\'ve been playing BF1942, BF2142, BF2 and BF3 for years and we are now excited to ...
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BF4 Elite - Battlefield 4 Strategy Guide
BF4 Elite is a strategy guide for Battlefield 4 filled with secrets, strategies, walkthroughs, cheats and hidden features. You can also play with our ...
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battle of the immortals private servers
top 100 BOI private servers, BOI top 200, Battle of the Immortals top list
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